Welcome to EMET4314/8014 - Advanced Econometrics I!ΒΆ


This website is now live and ready for semester 1, 2021! Welcome!

Here a quick run-down of how the course will be offered in 2021:

  • Lectures are only offered via screencasts which are already available here.
  • On Thursdays I teach a live face-to-face tutorial session at 10:00am in Arndt LT2. This session is also streamed live via Zoom for remote access. In addition, a recording of this Zoom session will be made available as a screencast every Thursday afternoon.
  • There is no event on Fridays (contrary to what the timetable says).
  • I will offer face-to-face and virtual consultation throughout the semester. Details to follow.
  • The live face-to-face component is subject to cancellation at very short notice, should the Covid situation in Canberra make this necessary. In this case, the Thursday session will exclusively move to Zoom (and I will still record that session for access at a later stage).
  • I look forward to seeing all of you either live in person, or live on Zoom! My goal is to offer every interested student the opportunity to learn some exciting and demanding econometrics! Please join me!