There will be 11 weekly assignments. Each assignment will be marked out of 5. Only your 8 best assignments will be considered towards your final course mark. (You may choose to submit fewer than 11 problem sets as only the best 8 are considered.) The total mark on your 8 best assignments will count 40% towards your final course mark.

Every Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning (starting week 1) an assignment will be posted to be solved and handed in by Tuesday 11am of the following week. The weekly deadlines are sharp. Late assignments will not be accepted under any circumstances. The last problem set will be posted in week 11.

We only accept assignment solutions in your own hand writing. Feel free to use digital pen (stylus) if it works for you. Assignment submission is via electronic file upload on Wattle. If you use the traditional pen and paper ‘method’, you will need to scan your document (for example by using an appropriate smart phone app) and upload it on Wattle.

I anticipate that the logistics for the final exam will be similar. So please use the weekly assignments as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with an arrangement (i.e., writing, scanning, and uploading) that works for you and is reliable!


I do not offer any help on solving assignments!

Assignment 1

Assignment 1.

(due Thursday of week 2, 11:00am)

Assignment 2

Assignment 2.

(due WEDNESDAY of week 3, 11:00am)

Assignment 3

Assignment 3.

(due Tuesday of week 4, 11:00am)

Assignment 4

Assignment 4.

(due Tuesday of week 5, 11:00am)

Assignment 5

Assignment 5.

(due Tuesday of week 6, 11:00am)

Assignment 6

Assignment 6.

(due Tuesday of week 7, 11:00am)

Computational assignment


Please provide your solution as a Julia notebook and upload it on Wattle no later than 11:00am on the Tuesday of week 9.

Assignment 7

Assignment 7.

(due Tuesday of week 8, 11:00am)

Assignment 8

Assignment 8.

(due Tuesday of week 9, 11:00am)

Assignment 9

Assignment 9.

(due Tuesday of week 10, 11:00am)

Assignment 10

Assignment 10.

(due Tuesday of week 10, 11:00am)

Assignment 11

Assignment 11.

(due Tuesday of week 11, 11:00am)

Last one, yippee!