Welcome to EMET2007/4007/6007 – Econometric Methods!

Weekly Meetings

Starting in week 2, our meetings will follow this schedule:

  • combined lecture/workshop on Thursdays 2-4pm

  • small group computer labs (60 minutes each) that we run on Thursdays and Fridays, bring your laptop!

Weekly Consultations

  • Tuesdays 3-4pm at Arndt 1022 (Juergen)

  • Fridays 1-2pm at Arndt 2020 (Chaonuo or Alex)


Please feel free to chat with us before and after lectures/workshops and computer labs. If you need to contact us by email, please send a message to the following functional email address:

This account is frequently monitored by me (Juergen).

We will not respond to emails sent to our individual ANU email accounts.

(Note: EMET4007/6007 students should also send emails to the above address!)